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She Is an Astronomer Forum
She is an Astronomer, the International Year of Astronomy 2009 Cornerstone Project, has launched a web forum for female professional and amateur astronomers, students, and those interested in the gender equality problem in science.

“As part of the ‘She is an Astronomer’ project, we have been speaking to women all over the world and at all stages of their careers about their experiences working in astronomy.  A recurrent theme that has emerged from these interviews is the importance of support and mentoring from other women working in the field.  We hope that this forum will provide an opportunity, not only for women – and men – to discuss gender issues, share ideas and best practice, but to open up channels of communication for women working at all levels in astronomy and in all countries,” said Dr Helen Walker, Chair of the International She is an Astronomer project. “The forum will be a virtual version of the lunch meeting at the IAU.”
Galileo Teacher Training
Leilak Education and the Faulkes Telescope Project invite London-based teachers of science at secondary school to register to attend a Galileo Teacher Training Program ( Taster-Day Workshop to be held at The Royal Astronomical Society, London, on the 26th October 2009. Only twenty places are available for this hands-on workshop.

Develop new skills and enhance existing ones

The taster-day, organised by Leilak Education as part of the Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP), a cornerstone of the International Year of Astronomy, is designed to provide participants with the a brief opportunity to gain practical hands-on skills to enable them to teach the physical sciences, in particular physics, using astronomy and space science as vehicles for engaging the current generation of second level students with science. This timely workshop is ideal for teachers who are new to teaching the physical sciences or for those who wish to bring fresh ideas to their lessons. The content of the workshop is particularly suited to teachers of pre-University students, those in the final years of secondary school.
Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park

This week Galloway Forest Park formally submitted its application (pdf 7Mb) to become the UK's - and possibly Europe's - first International Dark Sky Park.

Galloway Forest Park is located in the south-west of Scotland, and has some of the darkest skies in the whole of Europe, and the value of these skies has been recognised Galloway Forest Park, who have undertaken to protect and preserve these skies for all their visitors.

To give you some idea how dark Galloway Forest Park's skies are, they are rated between 2 and 3 on the Bortle Scale. How dark are your skies?

The decision will be made by the International Dark Sky Association in mid-November, so watch this space!

Galilean Nights

On 22-24 October 2009, the International Year of Astronomy 2009 Cornerstone Project, Galilean Nights, will see amateur and professional astronomers, enthusiasts and the public taking to the streets all around the globe, pointing their telescopes to the wonders that Italian astronomer Galileo observed 400 years ago.

Spread over three nights, astronomers will share their knowledge and enthusiasm for space by encouraging as many people as possible to look through a telescope at our planetary neighbours. The focus for Galilean Nights is the objects that Galileo observed, including Jupiter and the Moon, which will be well-positioned in the night sky for observing.

Galilean Nights runs just before Autumn Moonwatch in the UK (24 October until 01 November).

As part of Galilean Nights there is an astrophotography competition running on Flickr, closing date 27 October 2009

Explorers of the Universe

To celebrate the International Year of Astronomy 2009 Explorers of the Universe is a selection of photographs by Max Alexander, portraying all aspects of astronomy in the UK.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

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